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Groups – קבוצות
Frustrated with your Hebrew progress? Looking for a more conversational style of learning? Our Hebrew groups are designed to dramatically improve your speaking in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Capped to 6 people per group you are guaranteed personal attention at an affordable price.


Receive plenty of speaking practice and build your confidence as a Hebrew speaker.


6 students maximum per group, receive personal attention and feel comfortable to speak and be supported.


We learn words (including slang) that are actually used today in Israel. So you can go out and start speaking today.


Lessons build on one another as you grow your understanding of how Hebrew actually works.

Not sure if it's for you? No problems come to your first lesson for free!

I’m Mike.
I moved to Israel in 2012 speaking little to no Hebrew. Over the next two and a half years I taught myself Hebrew and started working as a school teacher in Northern Israel. I found learning Hebrew very challenging, often frustrating but ultimately really enjoyable. After two years as a school teacher I decided to focus full time on Hebrew teaching.

Teacher Mike is my way of helping other Hebrew learners have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I focus on practical, every day Hebrew and using it in conversation as soon as possible.

Group lessons are a wonderful way to improve your Hebrew by getting a lot of speaking practice, going through a structured course covering grammar, pronunciation and high frequency vocabulary and also meeting others on your journey of learning Hebrew in Israel. I’m here if you have any questions. Behatzlakha בהצלחה all the best.

A few happy group students…

Mike is very engaging and informative; it was fun to learn both academic Hebrew and the common, informal street talk. I have noticed a lot of improvement during the course, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their Hebrew and is willing to put in some effort and practice on their own time as well.



Michael is professional and focussed yet down to earth and super friendly. I really enjoyed his methods and felt good progress fast, because the Hebrew was actually sinking in and I wasn’t forgetting as much as I was before. I can’t recommend his class enough, he not only teaches well, he gives you the tools to continue through the week with great programmes to help you keep learning.



I find Mike’s groups sessions a much more relaxed way to learn Hebrew. With only 4 or 5 students in each session, Mike’s able to focus on your needs and what you find difficult and really help with confidence whilst also improving your accent and ability to talk. It makes learning Hebrew fun and less of a stress.



Can I come for a trial lesson?
Yes. All students are welcome to their first lesson free of charge and obligation. If you decide that you’d like to continue then full payment is due before the 2nd lesson.
What are the payment options?
Cash, check, bank transfer and paypal. You’ll receive an email after you register for a group above explaining all of your payment options.
What if I miss a lesson?
Life happens and sometimes you’ll be forced to miss a lesson. Here are your options when you do miss a lesson:

  1. The lesson is recorded so you can listen over and follow along with the class document.
  2. I invite students to call me/skype me and I’m happy to go over the content with you and ensure you understand it.
  3. You are welcome to try a make-up class with another group if there is a suitable level/time for you available.
What is your refund policy?
My goal with these groups is to offer an outstanding small group learning experience at a very reasonable price. In order to do this I need my students to commit to the course at the beginning. This includes to pay up front as well. This way I know that I have enough students in order to run the course and it also adds certainty to the group – that the same students will be there every week and that we can get to know one another and build a supportive group dynamic.

So unfortunately I cannot offer refunds. In the past I’ve tried giving students the option to pay as they go. Students had things come up and pulled out of the course. I was left with 2 students and then had to close the group, wasting their time and my time and preparation.

To help make it an easier decision to make I’ve done two things:

1) Made the first lesson free as a trial for you to see if it’s for you and

2) See “What if I miss a lesson” as there are different ways to ‘make up’ a lesson if you do have a to miss.

I'm not sure what level I am, help?
You’re not the first one, don’t worry. You are welcome to call me and I’ll help you find the right group for you. Each group has its own diversity however and you’ll find that there are stronger and weaker students in every group making the standard between them sometimes wide, but never too wide to affect everyone’s learning.
What is your method for learning Hebrew?
The method in the lessons is the same as I what used for teaching myself.

1. We focus on high frequency vocabulary – words that are used often and words that pertain to your lives/experiences/needs.

2. We use these words in sentences and dialogues that you create in class. That way we don’t just learn their meaning, but also how to actually use them in context.

3. The final step is memory. If you don’t remember the words then there was no real point in learning them. Memory is something that I spent months fascinating about. I tried many different programs, techniques. I settled on one called spaced repetition learning. It single handedly helped me remember all the new words I learnt, with a very small amount of time investment. I teach you how to use this technique (it’s an app for your phone or computer) in the classes and all our classwork is designed in a way to make this process as easy as copy paste.

In addition to this my method is very centred on just opening your mouth and speaking. If we want to learn Hebrew, we have to speak it…even if we know a few words only. That’s how I started and that’s how I am until today. I just speak as much as I can and that’s what we’ll be doing in our classes together…in a fun and supportive environment.

Can you give me an idea of what happens in the lessons?
Sure. We always start with conversation in pairs (even beginners). This helps warm up our “Hebrew brains” and gets us ready for the class.

As we chat we right down some new words/phrases that we didn’t know but would like to know. Then after the chats we write these new words into our google sheets file with their Hebrew translation as well as example sentences.

Then we focus on one grammar point and we learn about it through using high frequency words and actual sentences that you guys (the students) create based on your own lives.

From there we learn some slang/casual expressions as well as work on our pronunciation.

We finish the class with a fun activity either a Kahoot (online quiz for everyone to play in together), Taboo (great word game for language learners) or a discussion question that we discuss in pairs.

All class content is saved in the Google Sheet and is avaiable constantly throughout the course via your computers/phones. I’ll be having you access this sheet and use it to go over class material.

Here are our lessons! Building 67, apartment 6.

Nakhum Sokolov 67, Tel-Aviv. Apt. 6.

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