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Shalom – Hello I’m Mike and my aim is to help you speak fluent Hebrew. I know how to get you to fluency because I took myself there when I moved to Israel in 2012. It wasn’t easy but I know that it’s possible – for everyone. This website, my online courses and the blog are all designed to help you take your Hebrew to the next level. I’m glad to meet you – na’im me’od נעים מאוד

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I’m Mike.
I moved to Israel in 2012 speaking little to no Hebrew. Over the next two and a half years I taught myself Hebrew and started working as a school teacher in Northern Israel. I found learning Hebrew very challenging, often frustrating but ultimately really enjoyable. After two years as a school teacher I decided to focus full time on Hebrew teaching.

Teacher Mike is my way of helping other Hebrew learners have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I focus on practical, every day Hebrew and using it in conversation as soon as possible.

Enjoy the site, there are a lot of resources here. And I’m here if you have any questions. Behatzlakha בהצלחה all the best.

Happy Hebrew Learners

Mike is very engaging and informative; it was fun to learn both academic Hebrew and the common, informal street talk. I have noticed a lot of improvement during the course, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their Hebrew and is willing to put in some effort and practice on their own time as well.



Michael is professional and focussed yet down to earth and super friendly. I really enjoyed his methods and felt good progress fast, because the Hebrew was actually sinking in and I wasn’t forgetting as much as I was before. I can’t recommend his class enough, he not only teaches well, he gives you the tools to continue through the week with great programmes to help you keep learning.



I find Mike’s groups sessions a much more relaxed way to learn Hebrew. With only 4 or 5 students in each session, Mike’s able to focus on your needs and what you find difficult and really help with confidence whilst also improving your accent and ability to talk. It makes learning Hebrew fun and less of a stress.



My Guide for reaching Fluency in Hebrew

These are the 9 key resources that I used to take myself to fluency in Hebrew. 

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12 Hebrew Adjectives to describe any situation, including audio. 

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