Learn Hebrew, Learn Nonviolent Communication…

Improve your Hebrew while also learning to fully express yourself, connect with others and ask for what you need. Transform your communication and your Hebrew at the same time.

What is NVC and why learn it?

Learning Hebrew is not just about learning words and grammar. It’s learning how to really express yourself, how to connect with others and how to ask for what you need. This is what Nonviolent communication is all about. I teach NVC in Hebrew to Hebrew learners. 


Learning Options

Private Lessons

60 minute lessons on skype

Work one on one with me as we develop your ability to speak and listen with NVC all in Hebrew. Fully express yourself and ask for what you need. Fully listen to the other and connect to what they are really saying. 
Cost ₪180 per lesson (60 min)

10 week NVC in Hebrew Course (Zoom)

23/3 – 1/6, MONDAYs 8:00-9:30pm (israel time)

This 10 week course will teach you all of the fundamentals of Nonviolent communication so that you can more deeply express yourself, connect to others and ask for what you need…all in Hebrew.

We’ll learn through dialogues exploring the 4 elements of nonviolent communication. We’ll enrich our vocabularies with words that describe our true feelings and needs. We’ll learn phrases we can use daily to establish a human connection with others. And we’ll learn to listen empathically to others which is a gift that you’ll be able to give to those dearest to you in your lives. …And we’ll throw in a bit of Hebrew grammar here and there as well.

All of this is in Hebrew. As a result the course is not suitable for beginners to Hebrew.

Class is limited to 15 students. Contact me to learn more or register. 

10 classes 8:00-9:30pm (Israel time) Mondays, March 23 – June 1, 2020 (1 week break over passover).

Cost 900₪ / $280US per person. 

Contact Me/Register

To learn more about our online 10 week course, register or book a private lesson…


Why Learn Nonviolent Communication in Hebrew?

Fully Express Yourself

With NVC Hebrew will become a vehicle whereby you can enjoy full self expression. You will be speaking your feelings and needs and communicating those in a non-threatening way to others.  

Connect with others (truly)

You’ll connect with others by growing your awareness of the human experience that is alive with them as they speak. You’ll learn to hear what they are really saying. Not “help me” but rather “be with me”. 

Enrich your Hebrew vocabulary

By learning NVC your vocabulary will be enriched by hundreds of new words. Frustration, compassion, empathy, to suppose, to wonder, closeness, companionship to name a few. 

Improve your relationships (in any language)

NVC is a tool for improving your communication in all of your relationships. Any time you find yourself charged or in a conflict situation you will have a tool kit for how you can reduce the conflict and create intimacy between you and the other. 

Become Assertive and Clear

NVC teaches us to be clear about what we are needing in order to make life more wonderful for ourselves. It invites us to ask for what we need, to make a request of others. This is compassionate assertiveness. That way we can respect the other but not forget ourselves in the process. 

Build your Confidence Speaking Hebrew

As you begin to practice expressing yourself more fully you will become more comfortable with doing so. Like any skill, when practiced it becomes easier, more fluent. You might even find that you are more comfortable expressing yourself in Hebrew than in your mother tongue. 


Frequently Asked about the Course

On what platform is the course taught?

On Zoom. It’s a platform (similar to skype) which you can use for free on your computer or phone. It’s like a digital classroom. Once you register for the course I will send you all the instructions you need to install and use Zoom. 

What will I learn in the course?

This is a course where you will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). You will learn how to express yourself fully with the 4 elements of NVC – observation, feelings, needs and requests. You will also learn how to listen empathically when others are sharing, which can be tremendously healing for both sides. You will leave the course with a toolkit to use in any conversation (including difficult ones).  

What will a lesson be like?

We will all log on to Zoom and meet in the virtual classroom. Then we will learn the content of the lesson (e.g. feelings, needs, how to make a request, how to hear no to our request, what is empathic listening and what it is not etc.). We will learn this through dialogues in Hebrew (with English translation), vocabulary lists, phrases and a bit of grammar here and there. In every lesson you will have plenty of time to practice these skills in pairs. In the Zoom platform I will split you into pairs so that you don’t have to leave your computer or make a separate call. 

How much of the course is taught in Hebrew?

The course is entirely taught in Hebrew. I will be translating all of our vocabulary and dialogues into English. However, I will be teaching and asking you to speak in Hebrew. This way you will learn NVC and improve your Hebrew simultaneously. 

What level of Hebrew do I need to be to register?

This video shows you the level required.

You need to be able to understand spoken Hebrew as the course is entirely taught in Hebrew. I will be speaking relaxed and clear Hebrew and be translating words that you might not know. There will be English translation for all of our dialogues and word lists.

If you are concerned that your level is not high enough (or possibly too high and that you’ll be bored) then contact me via the form above (or the green whatsapp icon) and we can discuss in more detail.

How do I register?

Click on the register/contact me button below and write that you are interested in registering for the course. Then I will send you payment details. Once payment has been received your registration is finalised. Payment can be made in Bit, Paybox (Israel 900₪) or Paypal (international $280USD).

Download your Adjectives Cheatsheet

12 Hebrew Adjectives to describe any situation, including audio. 

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