Shalom! Ma kore! שלום, מה קורה

Winter is coming as they say and that means that it’s to drink some soup. In this episode we check out the very funky, very friendly Soup & Juice place in Tel Aviv. You’ll learn some super important words and phrases that you can use anytime you’re eating, buying or talking about soup. We’ve also got you covered for cooked dishes as well. We met some very friendly people in this video. We hope that you like it!

Sentences and the all important AUDIO file are located below for your practicing pleasure. Because remember – if you want to speak Hebrew then you have to actually speak Hebrew…listening and reading are great…but not enough. Enjoy! תהנו tehenu!

Top Phrases and Words

עגבניה – יש לי אלרגיה לעגבניות
Tomato – I have an allergy to tomatoes

?כתום – מה יש במרק כתום
Orange – what’s in the Orange Soup?

?דלעת – יש דלעת במרק כתום
Pumpkin – Is there pumpkin in the Orange Soup?

מרק – מגיע החורף זמן לאכול מרק
Soup – winter is coming, time to eat soup

תבשיל – יש כל מיני תבשילים שונים
Cooked dish – there’s all kinds of different cooked dishes

?מיץ – יש פה גם מיץ
Juice – there’s also juice here?

?קערה – אתה רוצה בקערה או כוס
Bowl – do you want in a bowl or cup

?כף – אפשר עוד כף בבקשה
Spoon – may I have another spoon please?

חריף – וואו התבשיל הזה מה זה חריף
Spice – wow, that cooked dish is really spicy

חם – המרק ממש חם, חם מדי אפילו
Hot (temperature) – The soup is really hot, too hot even

?לטעום – אפשר לטעום את זה
To taste – is it possible to taste?

?מה הכי טעים היום
What’s the tastiest today?

?האם יש בזה שומר
Is there fennel in it?

?איך המרק עם סלרי, טעים
How’s the soup with celery, tasty?

היום יש לנו תבשיל טעים טעים
Today we’ve got a tasty tasty cooked dish


How to practice:

  1. Listen to audio and see how much you understand
  2. Listen again while reading the phrases and their translations
  3. Listen again without looking, pause the audio after each phrase and try and repeat the phrase out loud
  4. Do this every day for 10 minutes until you 1) understand each phrase just by listening to it and 2) can repeat the phrase at least 80% of the speed of the audio.

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