Before we begin…

Before beginning to work together it’s important that we take a moment to set clear intentions, understand how things will look in practice and set yourself up for long term success.

What’s most important is that we both share a commitment to the learning process. Learning any language but particularly one as challenging as Hebrew takes practice and kindness (to yourself). I’m here to guide you on this journey but ultimately we’ll be walking it together. 

The following guidelines will create the framework that will set you up for success in your learning. Have a look over the following and let me know if you have any questions (by email or phone +972-52883-5156).


  • Daily practice is key to helping you reach your goals. We will help you set up a daily routine which is manageable for you and even becomes an enjoyable part of your day that you look forward to. 

Weekly lessons

  • I ask that we find a weekly lesson time and commit to meeting every week at that time (at least for the near future). This commitment adds structure and routine to your learning which is important for steady progress.

Lesson payment

  • Payment is requested before the lesson
  • You may pay in bulk for 5 or 10 lessons
  • Different payment options are available – click here


  • If you can’t attend a lesson I ask that we reschedule during that week
  • Unfortunately I’m unable to refund cancellations within 12 hours of the lesson

I’m looking forward to starting with you. See you in class! 


Download your Adjectives Cheatsheet

12 Hebrew Adjectives to describe any situation, including audio. 

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