Learn conversational Hebrew and build your speaking confidence with teachers that know what you're going through.
Frustrated by your Hebrew progress? Lacking confidence to speak? Tired of people switching to English when you’re speaking Hebrew to them? We know what you’re going through. We’ve been there too. We’re a bunch of Hebrew teachers that have learnt Hebrew fluently as a second language. We teach everyday conversational Hebrew that you’ll actually use in your life, work, relationship and monit sherut. We teach small groups only (max 8 students). Our lessons are 1/week for 90 minutes over a 10 week semester. More about our teaching philisophy.

I really enjoyed this course! It was very practical and helped me learn Hebrew that Israelis actually use. It was great value for money and I highly recommend it.



Mike is an amazing teacher. He’s encouraging, patient and extremely knowledgeable. It’s a great advantage that he had to learn Hebrew himself as an Australian, so he really knows the thought processes required to teach Hebrew. I love how the classes are such a small size, as you can really benefit from it more. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to improve their Hebrew conversational skills in a fun, relaxed environment.



Mike is not just a very pleasant and warm person to be around, but also patient and takes each student’s individual learning needs into consideration. After trying several Ulpans throughout the years, I have excelled fastest in Mike’s courses, since he actually offers you tools that help your memory training. For me forgetting words have previously been my biggest hurdle. Can not recommend him highly and warmly enough.



Mike is very engaging and informative; it was fun to learn both academic Hebrew and the common, informal street talk. I have noticed a lot of improvement during the course, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their Hebrew and is willing to put in some effort and practice on their own time as well.



I recently went to Eilat to visit my Israeli husband’s family and I was incredibly nervous to go there since I still feel somewhat insecure about my Hebrew. Everyone in his family were really impressed by how much my Hebrew had improved. Even when I couldn’t think of the right word, we still found a way to communicate. It’s really thanks to your classes that I’ve been able to advance my skills. So, I wanted to say thank you for all your help and patience.



Michael is professional and focussed yet down to earth and super friendly. I really enjoyed his methods and felt good progress fast, because the Hebrew was actually sinking in and I wasn’t forgetting as much as I was before. I can’t recommend his class enough, he not only teaches well, he gives you the tools to continue through the week with great programmes to help you keep learning.


FALL GROUPS (Oct-Dec) 2018

Book a free 30 min evaluation lesson so that we'll find the right group/solution for you.

How to speak fluent Hebrew…our teaching philosophy

1. Make it REAL

Language isn’t dry. It’s real and it’s alive. Grammar and vocabulary lists can dull it down. Real life situations and conversations bring it alive.

Our lessons take place at the shuk, on buses, in cafes and in yoga classes (not literally unfortunately, although that’s actually not a bad idea). Through these real life situations you’re learning Hebrew that you’ll actually use in your life. You’re also learning practical vocabulary and grammar as we go along.

2. Make it FUN

Hebrew can be hard to learn. You’ve probably already figured this one out. If we’re not enjoying the learning process then we probably won’t stick with it. We believe in having fun in our lessons. We play games, have discussions and mimic Israelis and how they speak. Lessons are dynamic, relaxed and fun.

3. Make it DAILY

For someone who has a busy schedule learning a language can be hard to fit in. We believe in practicing your Hebrew every day in a way that is realistic for your life and schedule. Daily practice of the right material done in the right way will take you to fluency. We’ll show you how to do this and what to do.

We’ll give you conversations to listen to and audio/visual flashcards to play with. All accessible on your phone so you can use your dead time (on the bus, waiting in a line, watering your plants) to get fluent in Hebrew.


Ahlan, I’m Mike.
I moved to Israel in 2012 speaking little to no Hebrew. Over the next two and a half years I taught myself Hebrew and started working as a school teacher in Northern Israel. Gaining fluency in Hebrew was very challenging, often frustrating but ultimately really enjoyable. After two years as a school teacher I decided to focus full time on Hebrew teaching. Teacher Mike is my way of helping other Hebrew learners learn in an effective, clear and practical way. I focus on every day Hebrew and using it in conversation as soon as possible. Group lessons are a wonderful way to improve your Hebrew by getting a lot of speaking practice, going through a structured course covering grammar, pronunciation and high frequency vocabulary and also meeting others on your journey of learning Hebrew in Israel. I’m here if you have any questions. Behatzlakha בהצלחה all the best.
What level am I?


You’re either new to Hebrew or have a very basic ability to talk and communicate. Maybe you can ask basic questions (how are you?) and say your name and where you’re from. You might know how to read or you might just know a few letters (reading isn’t required for this level). CEFR A1.


You can have basic Hebrew conversations even though you might not have a lot of confidence when speaking, and talk about basic subjects – such as your name, where you’re from, what you do and maybe a little about what you did yesterday (past tense). You can read or at least are familiar with most of the letters.


You can have conversations of around 15 minutes albeit broken and missing certain words. You can express yourself and talk about your work, your family/personal life as well as what you did on the weekend in some detail and what your plans are for the week ahead. You can read and have likely studied grammar including future tense.


You can speak for around 30 minutes in Hebrew. You can talk in detail about what you did on the weekend, what you do for a living and what your plans are for the week ahead. You have areas of pronunciation that you want to work on. You have studied grammar including the future tense which you know quite well.
I know I'm going to miss a few lessons of the semester, is it worth joining?
YES! Many of my students know that they’ll be missing part of the course because they are travelling. So I have a solution for you: For every lesson that you know (ahead of time) you’ll miss you’ll receive a 60 min. skype lesson with a Hebrew tutor (no extra charge). These skype lessons can be scheduled whenever you want and you’ll be able to go over the lesson content with your tutor. So you won’t fall behind. For example Susie wants to join a beginners group but she knows that she’ll be in Europe and miss 3 of the 10 lessons. So she signs up for the course and gets 3 skype lessons included in her payment. She can use these 3 lessons whenever she wants. She decides to use them while she’s in Europe because she’s got a free hour here and there and wants to keep up with her Hebrew. So she messages her tutor, makes a skype time and has her lessons. The tutor goes over the content with Susie that she missed and Susie gets one on one conversational practice with the content of that lesson. She comes back from Europe and rejoins the group and is completely up to date. If you know that you’ll be missing part of the semester but still want to join then call me (052-883-5156) or email me (teachermikehebrew@gmail.com) and we’ll work out the best solution for you.
Can I come for a trial lesson?
YES of course! The first lesson is an obligation free trial lesson. This means that you can come along obligation free, try out the lesson and if you don’t like it then you leave and don’t have to pay a shekel. If you do like it then you pay the normal course fee like everyone else. Trial lessons times are listed above in the group times section. They are actual lessons and form the first lesson of the semester as well.
What happens if I'm sick or just can't get to the lesson?
That happens. We’re all human and have lives. First of all, all class content is available to you online. The dialogues, the audios, the flashcards so you’ll be able to go over it all. Secondly, we’re contactable by phone and whatsapp to go over any questions you have of the material. Thirdly, you can make it up at any other class suitable to your level.
When do I have to pay?
Full payment is due by the start of the 2nd week of lessons. You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal (+3% transaction fee). There are no refunds. This is why you have until the 2nd week to make up your mind.
What is your refund policy?
You have until the 2nd lesson to commit to the course and pay the full tuition fee. Meaning that you can come to the first lesson as a trial to see whether you want to continue. Once paid there are no refunds unfortunately.
I'm not sure what level I am, help?
You’re not the first one, don’t worry. You are welcome to call us and we’ll help you find the right group for you. 052-883-5156. Each group has its own diversity however and you’ll find that there are stronger and weaker students in every group making the standard between them sometimes wide, but never too wide to affect everyone’s learning.

Here are our lessons! Building 67, apartment 6.

Nakhum Sokolov 67, Tel-Aviv. Apt. 6.

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