Your different payment options


Suitable for: students who have an Israeli bank account. 

Paybox is an app (available in English) for your phone that lets you transfer money easily between people in Israel. It’s free to use and really easy. Search for ‘paybox‘ in the app or play store on your phone. Or use these links Apple users  OR Android users


Suitable for: students who have an Israeli bank account. 

Pay to:
Bank: Bank Leumi
בנק: בנק לאומי
Name: Michael Korman
שם: מיכאל קורמן
Branch: 816
סניף: 816
Account: 63903607
מס. חשבון: 63903607


Suitable for: students who don’t have an Israeli or Australian bank account. 

Click on this link and enter the amount that you need to pay.


Suitable for: students who have an Australian bank account. 

Pay to:

Michael Korman
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063000
Account: 11074608

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