Shalom! Ma nishma שלום, מה נשמע

This week’s episode of Mike Mistovev sees us at one of the most popular and weirdly designed shopping centres in Israel. The Dizengoff Centre – דיזנגוף סֶנְטֶר. We’ll chat with a very friendly and passionate security guard as well as a few others as we learn some of the key vocabulary and phrases that you’ll need at your next visit to a mall or to any shop where you plan to buy something.

Sentences and the all important AUDIO file are located below for your practicing pleasure. Because remember – if you want to speak Hebrew then you have to actually speak Hebrew…listening and reading are great…but not enough. Enjoy! תהנו tehenu!

Top Phrases and Words

הַקַּנְיוֹן – זֶה הַקַּנְיוֹן הֲכִי גָּדוֹל בְּתֵל אָבִיב
mall – this is the biggest mall in Tel Aviv

חֲנֻיּוֹת – יֵשׁ כָּל מִינֵי חֲנֻיּוֹת שׁוֹנוֹת פֹּה
Shops – there’s all kinds of different shops here

אֲנָשִׁים – הַמָּקוֹם הַזֶּה מָלֵא בָּאֲנָשִׁים
People – this place is filled with people

שֵׁרוּתִים – אֲנִי צְרִיכָה לִמְצֹא אֶת הַשֵּׁרוּתִים דָּחוּף
Toilets – I need to find the toilets urgently

סִיּוּט – לָבוֹא לדיזנגוף סֶנְטֶר בְּיוֹם שִׁשִּׁי זֶה סִיּוּט
Nightmare – to come to the Dizengoff Centre on Friday is a nightmare

לְמַעְלָה – הַחֲנוּת לְמַעְלָה
Upstairs/up – the shops are upstairs

לְמַטָּה – הַכְּנִיסָה לְמַטָּה
Downstairs/down – the entrance is downstairs

?כְּנִיסָה – כַּמָּה כְּנִיסוֹת יֵשׁ פֹּה
Entrance – how many entrances are there?

לִקְנוֹת – אֲנִי רוֹצֶה לִקְנוֹת מָלֵא דְּבָרִים הַיּוֹם
to buy – I want to buy a lot of things today

כַּמָּה הֲכִי זוֹל אַתָּה יָכוֹל לַעֲשׂוֹת אֶת הַחֻלְצָה הַזֹּאת
What’s the cheapest that you can do this shirt?

מִסְתּוֹבֵב – אֲנִי מִסְתּוֹבֵב הַרְבֵּה בַּקַּנְיוֹן
wander around – I wander around the mall


How to practice:

  1. Listen to audio and see how much you understand
  2. Listen again while reading the phrases and their translations
  3. Listen again without looking, pause the audio after each phrase and try and repeat the phrase out loud
  4. Do this every day for 10 minutes until you 1) understand each phrase just by listening to it and 2) can repeat the phrase at least 80% of the speed of the audio.

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