100 Everyday Hebrew Phrases

This phrase is wonderful for things like “at the end of the day”, “when all is said and done” or “after all”. סוף means end דבר means thing. Audio An important phrase for today’s world. In these photos I’m presenting...
Top 10 Hebrew Slang Words

Top 10 Hebrew Slang Words

Slang, oh slang! If language had a special sauce, you know, that ingredient that just brings the overall dish alive with flavour and spice, it would have to be slang. Slang keeps a language on its feet with new words and ways to use old words being introduced all the...
My 5 Principles for Learning Hebrew Fluently

My 5 Principles for Learning Hebrew Fluently

Hi, I’m Mike. I moved to Israel in October 2012, I couldn’t speak nor understand Hebrew. I struggled to have anything more than a “Hi, how are you, nice to meet you” conversation and then when it went beyond that I was lost and just kind of...

My Guide for reaching Fluency in Hebrew

These are the 9 key resources that I used to take myself to fluency in Hebrew. 

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Download your Adjectives Cheatsheet

12 Hebrew Adjectives to describe any situation, including audio. 

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